Idyllwild California

Idyllwild California

Idyllwild is a mile high paradise nestled in pines of the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a fun family vacation, there are many adventurous options for a great outing!

Here you will find information on lodging, real estate, current road and weather conditions, and fun things to do in Idyllwild including camping, outdoor activities, parks, shopping, & dining!

During the day, there are a variety of things to do, from shopping in our eclectic, artisan town to exploring the wilderness! There are a lot of choices for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and other recreational fun. At night you can enjoy some local live music at one of our many unique restaurants!
Upon your visit, we ask that you be mindful of our water and wildlife, it’s all we have.
For us locals, there are many links here that are helpful for everyday life.
Lets all help keep Idyllwild a clean and natural town/forest.

“Going into the woods is going home” — John Muir

From the Gallery

Granite ridges and domes forested with sugar pine,
ponderosa, Jeffrey pine, incense cedar, white fir,
lodgepole pine, limber pine, chinquapin,
and black oak.
Read more about Idyllwild and it’s history.

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